Charlee Laurewyn has a very broad repertoire with country songs earlier performed by, for example, Red Simpson, Iris Dement, John Prine, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Kitty Wells and the Carter family.

Apart from Charlee Laurewyn's individual voice and traditional sound, her music is distinguished by songs with lyrics that deal with not only heartbreaking and ordinary life issues, but also lyrics with a witty attitude.

"Country music is so much more than sad songs. Laughter and joy is an essential part of life and this is also, although less noticed, in the lyrics of country music. That part of country music needs to get more attention as it would help country music to grow".

Charlee's music is also characterized by remakes of songs generally associated with male singers, which she interprets from a female perspective.

In early 2005, Charlee Laurewyn and her band recorded a demo. The demo was recorded and produced by her father who also played the acoustic guitar and bass. In July the same year, Charlee made her first appearance with her own band at a country festival in Norway where she also played the acoustic guitar. Her performance was very well received and highly praised by the festival arranger and audience.

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